Terms and Conditions of ONDESE Safaris®

Confirmation of a Reservation and Entering Into a Contract

The confirmation of a booking for a chosen safari is regarded as a contract between the client and the Tour Operator ONDESE Safaris®, in which the client agrees to the terms and conditions set out therein. Upon confirmation of a reservation, ONDESE Safaris® will immediately request a 25% non-repayable deposit of the total price for a chosen safari. The contract comes into effect as soon as the deposit payment is received. Up until that point, the correspondence between ONDESE Safaris® and the client is treated as a quotation, subject to price increases and the availability of the option being quoted for.
Please note that ONDESE Safaris® quotes the full price for its safaris only as a lump sum. Clients will not be given individual prices of accommodation and/or performances on offer!


The balance of the total price for a reserved safari needs to reach ONDESE Safaris sixty (60) days before the departure date of the tour, or date of the reserved services and/or performances. The necessary travel documents will sent by courier. 

Visa and Master Credit Cards are welcome for N$ payments, provided that the payer can positively be identified as the card holder!

Choice of Law

All legal relationships under this contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law applicable where the client of ONDESE Safaris® has his or her registered legal domicile.


A cancellation of a reservation must be in writing. Please note that, upon receipt of the cancellation by ONDESE Safaris®, the following shall apply:

o In respect of a cancellation up to 61 days prior to the departure date: the 25% deposit only shall be forfeited.

o In respect of a cancellation from 31 days to 60 days prior to departure: 75% of the total price of the safari shall be forfeited.

o In respect of a cancellation thirty days or less prior to departure: 100% of the total price of the safari shall be forfeited!

Change Of Plans

No refunds will be made for a change of itinerary during the trip or for services reserved but not utilised. Clients should be insured for such instances. ONDESE Safaris® will charge € 15 (subject to change) for every amendment and/or change to an already confirmed booking.

Insurance and Liability

All ONDESE Safaris® clients are required to take out travel and cancellation insurance. ONDESE Safaris® also urges clients to consider taking out insurance for their health and safety, their luggage and their money. ONDESE Safaris® will not accept any liability for death, injury, illness, damage and/or financial loss incurred by the client on a reserved safari.

ONDESE Safaris® shall take due care in the conduct of its business in respect of:

l the preparations made for each safari and/or reservation

l the correctness of each itinerary

l the selection and supervision of services rendered by others

l the proper execution of its duties as specified in the Contract.

ONDESE Safaris® shall not be held liable for any inadequacies in the services rendered by others.

ONDESE Safaris® would like to remind clients that spiders, insects, snakes, predators, etc. share the environment with human beings. Although ONDESE Safaris® undertakes to ensure that clients are kept out of harm's way at all times, clients are ultimately responsible for taking due care of their own health and safety.

Drivers' Licences

It is the responsibility of the client who undertakes a Self-Drive Safari in Namibia or southern Africa to obtain a valid international Driver's Licence before commencing his/her journey. Please note that the licence of the client's country of origin is also required.

Visas, Customs Regulations and Health Regulations

The client shall be responsible for ensuring he or she obtains the necessary visas for the country or countries to be visited. It shall also be the clients' responsibility to familiarise themselves with the customs regulations of the country/countries concerned. Furthermore, the responsibility shall rest with the client to ensure he or she is medically fit to travel, which includes complying with the health regulations of the country/countries concerned. Prior to their departure, clients should consult a medical professional regarding the recommended anti-malaria precautions. Anti-malaria medication can be obtained in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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